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Dr Ashok Parmar Assistant Professor
Dr Sitarambhai Deshmukh Professor
Dr D Srinivas Murty Professor
Dr Prateek Shilpkar Associate Professor
Dr Pradip Patel Assistant Librarian
Prof Prem Mishra Professor
Dr Hasmukh Panchal Assistant Professor
Dr Mahesh Parmar Library-cum-Documentation Officer
Dr Hiteshkumar Jagani Assistant Professor
Dr Lokesh Jain Professor
Dr Prayatkar Kanadiya Associate Professor
Dr Punita Harne Professor
Dr Satish Patel Assistant Professor
Dr Jashvantbhai Pandya Professor
Dr Prateek Shilpkar Associate Professor
Dr Mayurkumar Shah Professor
Dr Hiteshkumar Jagani Assistant Professor
Dr Usha Upadhyay Professor
Dr Ashok Parmar Assistant Professor


Water quality management in the lower stretch of t...

Author: Sarkar S.;Saha M.;Takada H.;Bhattacharya A.;Mishra P.;Bhattacharya B.

Decolorization of diazo dye Direct Red 81 by a nov...

Author: Junnarkar N.;Murty D.;Bhatt N.;Madamwar D.

Synthesis and Biological Screening of Pyrano[3,2- ...

Author: Upadhyay, K.D. and Dodia, N.M. and Khunt, R.C. and Chaniara, R.S. and Shah, A.K.

Metagenomic Analysis of Surti Buffalo (Bubalus bub...

Author: Singh, Krishna M.;Ahir, Viral B.;Tripathi, Ajai K.;Ramani, Umed V.;Sajnani, Manisha;Koringa, Prakash G.;Jakhesara, Subhash;Pandya, Paresh R.;Rank, Dharamsi N.;Murty, Duggirala S.;Kothari, Ramesh K.;Joshi, Chaitanya G.

Pretreatment optimization of Sorghum pioneer bioma...

Author: Koradiya M.;Duggirala S.;Tipre D.;Dave S.

Synthesis of novel imidazo[1,2-a]pyridine-4-hydrox...

Author: Manvar, P. and Shaikh, F. and Kakadiya, R. and Mehariya, K. and Khunt, R. and Pandey, B. and Shah, A.

Biodegradation of Insecticide Monocrotophos by Bac...

Author: Acharya, K. P.;Shilpkar, P.;Shah, M. C.;Chellapandi, P.

Novel indolizino[8,7-b]indole hybrids as anti-smal...

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